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"Als Pasen en Pinksteren
op één dag vallen"
"Als Pasen en Pinksteren
op één dag vallen"

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E-mail van Caroline

28-10-2007 | 15:52:02

Hieronder een bericht van Caroline, deze heeft ze onlangs verstuurd om op de website te zetten: 
This is about the trip with Alexander and Dennis. Last time I saw them was 2 years ago. Now, ppl have changed …feeling changed. But I was glad to see them again.

In this 3 weeks, we have seen a lot of places. Temples, National Palace Museum and we went to the camping as well. Maybe I am not a good conduct. Cuz there r some things I like to show, but I just don’t know how to say. I am sure there r many things they still don’t know after this trip. 

Badly they haven’t tried much of our food here. I am sure it’s not bad for test only not good looking sometimes. heheh... But travelling with them is good. No smoking not much drinking. And not much snore. It’s very terrible if your partner snores when u need a good sleep. 

Oh, remember get ur stuff all the times. Cuz one of us almost lost his jack when we were in Kenting. But found it back in the end.hehehe..since that…we have a baby boy.


Hope to see u guys soon. Maybe is next trip or someone’s wedding.

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ik ken geen engels vertaal het naar nederlands mvg, h.p.rink